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What’s changed in the new version of Screenity?

In December 2023, we released a brand new version of Screenity. Here’s why, and what’s changed from the old version.

Why we rebuilt Screenity from zero

For the past year, we have been hard at work implementing a brand new version of Screenity. This is both because we wanted to improve on the existing version, but also because of a requirement set by Google Chrome. The old version was based on Manifest V2, which is currently being deprecated, and all extensions must upgrade to Manifest V3 by June 2024. If we didn’t take action, Screenity would have been removed from the store.


Because of that, we had to make some changes with how the extension works. But don’t worry - the extension remains free, open source, completely private, and with no sign in needed. We also made sure to try to keep the existing features, and largely the same flow.

What’s changed in the new version

Here’s just some of the changes to expect in the new version:

  • Videos are actually being processed after recording to encode them in the right format. This will make it take longer to get your video after recording, but if you don’t want to wait, you can always download the WEBM or raw video right away.
  • If making a Screen recording, you will be brought to a separate page to choose what to record. This was a limitation set by Chrome, and many other screen recorders have adapted to this model. However, for the latest versions of Chrome, there is now a way to record without leaving the page. You can set this setting if available by following these steps:
      1. Open the Screenity popup, and go to the Screen tab
      1. Click on “Show more options” on the bottom
      1. Enable the option “Stay in the page when recording”
  • We’ve fixed lots of persisting issues, like MP4 export, WEBM duration and scrubbing issues, editing, and much more.

We’ve also got plans to support Firefox, and to have a version of Screenity that saves your videos and lets you share with others easily.

How can I revert to the old version

If you’d like to use the old version of Screenity, you can follow this guide. Unfortunately it is not possible to offer this version in the Chrome Store as the Manifest version it is built with will be deprecated by July 2024.


We’d love your feedback in anything you like or dislike about the new version of Screenity. We’ve taken great care in developing it, so we’d really like to know what we can do to improve it. You can reach out or submit any feedback or ideas through this form.


👋 Need more help? Feel free to reach out with your query through the Contact form, or report an issue through the Feedback form

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