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How to hide the toolbar

If you’d like to keep controls out of your recordings, there’s a few options you can use.

Hiding options

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You can follow these steps to set the visibility settings:

  1. Open the Screenity popup.
  1. Click on Show more options below.
  1. Enable the first setting, which can be one of these (set through the dropdown):
      • Hide toolbar. This hides the toolbar entirely from your screen. If you have this option enabled, you won’t be able to use any of the tools, and will need to control your recording through the red icon on the address bar, or with shortcuts.
      • Hide UI notifications. Enable this to hide notifications while recording, such as for entering different modes, or enabling your microphone.
      • Hide toolbar when not in use. When this is set, your toolbar will be transparent until you move your mouse on top of it, when it will reveal itself.
        • You can draw behind the toolbar without showing it if you keep your mouse pressed down.

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