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How to use and set keyboard shortcuts

To control Screenity more conveniently, you can use keyboard shortcuts.

How to view your shortcuts in Chrome

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You can see all your available shortcuts by pasting chrome://extensions/shortcuts on your address bar and visiting the page.


Extensions have a limit of 4 global shortcuts, so you can set shortcuts for:

  • Activate the extension. This toggles the Screenity popup, so you don’t need to click on the icon to open it every time.
  • Cancel recording. Use this shortcut to dismiss a recording without clicking on the toolbar. By default, it’s Alt+Shift+X, or Option+Shift+X in Mac.
  • Pause/Resume recording. This allows you to pause and resume a recording in progress. By default, it’s Alt+Shift+M, or Option+Shift+M in Mac.
  • Start recording. This starts a new recording with the last settings you used. By default, it’s Alt+Shift+G, or Option+Shift+G in Mac. You also can see which shortcut is set next to the recording button in the popup.
    • If you selected the Camera tab in the popup beforehand, and have no camera available, Screenity won’t be able to start recording automatically. You might also have to select what you want to record in a modal.

How to set or edit your shortcuts in Chrome

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To set a shortcut, simply click on the pencil icon, and press the keys you’d like to use.


You can also switch whether a shortcut will work from anywhere, or from Chrome only.


Additional shortcuts

On top of the shortcuts defined by your browser, Screenity also has other shortcuts depending on your context.

  • Push to talk. If activated in the popup, holding Alt+Shift+U or Option+Shift+U in Mac will enable the microphone.
  • Zoom to cursor. If set, holding Alt+Shift+E or Option+Shift+E in Mac will smoothly zoom the page towards your cursor.
  • Undo. While in drawing mode, you can press Control+Z or Command+Z in Mac to undo an action.
  • Redo. While in drawing mode, you can press Control+Shift+Z or Command+Shift+Z in Mac to undo an action.
Currently, the additional shortcuts can’t be edited. Note that they might also conflict with other shortcuts set by websites. We will be adding options in the future to make it easier to use these shortcuts.

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