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What are the technical requirements for using Screenity?

The requirements for using Screenity are:

  • A computer, like a laptop, Chromebook, MacBook, or a desktop PC. Screenity is not compatible with mobile devices like smartphones or tablets.
  • A Chromium-based browser, like Google Chrome, Arc Browser, Microsoft Edge, or one in this list. If you’d like to use Screenity on Firefox, click here to register interest.
    • If you’re using Chrome, you must be on version 88 or later. Some features like editing and MP4 export are only available since Chrome 109. For the best experience, make sure to keep your browser updated.
  • At least 1GB of free disk space to install the extension and save videos locally (even if you only upload to Google Drive, as the videos are temporarily stored in disk).

That’s it! You can use Screenity offline (after installing it), and you don’t need an account to sign in either.


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