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What are backups? How can I enable them?

Backups allow you to have a copy of all of your recordings in your local machine. This is useful to automatically have the recording available locally, and not have to download it every time. It’s also a safety measure so if you forget to download a specific recording, and you lose access to it after making a new recording, you will always have it in your folder.

If backups are not set up, Screenity will still save the data in your device’s memory, but only for the most recent recording. If you accidentally close the player tab, you will still be able to recover the recording by following these steps.

Backups are currently only available for Chrome version 110 and up. In Windows 7, the most recent Chrome version available is 109, so unfortunately it is not available there.


Setting up backups

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  1. Open the Screenity popup.
  1. Move your mouse over the popup, then click on the “…” button on the top right.
  1. Toggle the “Back up recordings” option, and make sure it has a checkmark.

If you don’t see the “Back up recordings” option, try reinstalling Screenity from the Chrome Store.


After you’ve set it up, try starting a recording. You will be automatically brought to a page to set up a local backup.

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You can click on Select a folder to continue, and choose where you will save the recordings. Screenity will create a Screenity Recordings folder at that destination. If you’re having trouble selecting the folder, getting errors regarding it being a “system folder”, you can first create a new folder, and select that one instead.


After selecting the folder, you will be asked for permission for Screenity to view and edit the folder. This is required to be able to save copies of your recordings in the folder. Once granted, you will be automatically redirected to the next step to start your recording.


If you prefer, you can also click on Not now to disable backups. You won’t have copies of all of your recordings, but you will still be able to recover the latest recording you made at any time.


Why does the backups tab stay open?

In order to make it more convenient, the backups tab stays open so you don’t get asked for permissions every time. Unfortunately Chrome has a limitation where the access for saving in specific system folders can only persist while the page that requested it stays open.


You can still close the tab by clicking the “Close tab anyway” button, or right clicking on the tab and closing it. Next time you record though you may be asked where to save the recording, or to confirm access to the folder.

How can I stop backups?

To stop backups, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Screenity popup.
  1. Move your mouse over the popup, then click on the “…” button on the top right.
  1. Toggle the “Back up recordings” option, and make sure it doesn’t have a checkmark.

You can also stop backups by pressing on the respective button in the backup page.

Recordings are backed up as WEBMs only, since the files are not processed. You can play WEBM videos by opening them with Chrome, or convert them to MP4 by using any tool.

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