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Why is editing disabled on long videos by default?

Since Screenity is completely private and runs locally, it's limited by your device's hardware. We’ve set a 5 minute processing and editing limit by default, as for longer videos it would take too long and be very resource intensive, especially on lower spec machines. You can still download the WEBM video file or the raw recording, but editing and MP4 export are not available.


That said, you can still try override this to try processing the video anyway, if you don’t mind waiting longer, and believe your computer can handle it. You can do so by pressing on “Learn more”, and then “I understand the risks, try anyway” in the modal that pops out.


For GIFs, there is a 30 second limit, due to their file size.


If you want to edit longer videos and faster, you can register interest for the cloud version of Screenity by clicking here. It will run in a server in the cloud, so it won’t be bound by your device’s specifications.


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